Heliostat South Australia has signed a memorandum of understanding with India’s Global Wind Power Limited to manufacture and develop solar products for use in the development of utility scale solar projects in India.

Heliostat SA was formed by the car parts manufacturer Precision Components and employs former auto industry workers and uses machinery previously used in manufacturing automotive parts. Its heliostat technology was developed by the CSIRO.

The current project is part of the development of a 1 gigawatt solar projects portfolio in the solar rich regions of India. There is the potential for orders of up to 120,000 Heliostat reflectors for the project.

Although most of the labour work will be carried out in India, managers and engineers will operate from Adelaide. The project is planned to expand over four years, with an initial 150 local jobs potentially growing to as many as 1,000 positions.

Heliostat has also signed a memoranda of understanding with another Indian company, Gravita, to develop  industrial concentrated solar power thermal applications for metal recycling.

The projects represent approximately $2.5 billion in investment and $1 billion in professional services and product sales.