SilexSolar, Australia’s only solar panel maker, has suspended manufacturing at its Homebush plant.

In August, the company stopped making solar cells for its panels, with the loss of 30 jobs. Another 45 jobs will be lost with the suspension of panel manufacturing. About 20 oeople, mostly in sales and marketing, remain with the company.

Silex purchased the plant, which will now be "under care and maintenance", from BP Solar in 2009.

Dr Michael Goldsworthy, Silex’s Chief Executive, said that solar manufacturers around the world were suffering as China had risen from 6 per cent to 60 per cent of global production in about three years and that there is a worldwide glut of solar panels, particularly as European countries wind back subsidies.

At the same time, Silex reported progress for its Mildura Solar Concentrator Power Station project, with Stage 1 construction expected to be finished by the end of this year.