Geits ANZ is proposing to build a solar power plant which would float on a wastewater treatment basin near Jamestown in mid-north South Australia.

The system would be constructed from a high-density polyethylene pipe, which provides the buoyancy, with a structural steel pontoon sitting on that and PV panels slotted into the structure.

The solar plant would be built across three basins and would power the entire waste treatment plant, local timber milling operations and produce some excess supply to the nearby Jamestown community.

The company believes that this would be at least 50% more efficient than a land-based solar power system because the water would provide cooling, enabling the panels to be kept at a constant temperature.

In addition, the structure would prevent about 90% of the water evaporation from the surface that is covered. Because of this, the company is looking at adapting the system for reservoirs, dams and other irrigation sites.

Geits has floating solar power plants operating in France, Italy and Korea but the South Australian plant would be the world’s first on a wastewater plant basin.