The Australian Government’s Solar Flagships program has received 52 "Round One" proposals for the construction of large-scale solar plants. The proposals covered a wide range of technologies including thin film and concentrating photovoltaic plants and solar thermal troughs, towers and dishes.

In the first round of the $1.5 billion federal grant program, two large-scale solar power plants, with a total capacity of about 400 megawatts, are to be built.

A seven-member council will now assess the 52 proposals and produce a short-list of candidates by June. Those on the short list will be asked to submit detailed feasibility and design studies. By December, two of these projects will be chosen for construction. It is intended that one project will demonstrate solar thermal technology and one will deploy photovoltaic technology.

"Round Two" of the program is planned for 2013-14. This phase is expected to focus on promising solar technologies that are ”not quite demonstration-ready’".