Australian company, Environmission, which plans to build a kilometre tall solar tower, capable of producing up to 200MW of electricity (enough to power 200,000 homes) near Mildura in north-west Victoria, says that the project had stalled due to insufficient Federal support. The company is now concentrating on projects in China and the US.

China has invested $11 million in the technology and will own 75 per cent of an Australian-based company developing new solar tower technology for China.

The US media has reported new plans to build an Australian-designed ”bloody big solar tower” somewhere in the country’s south-west. The History Channel calculated that 630 solar towers ”would power every home in the US, making America energy independent" and that the construction cost would be ”over $US500 billion, roughly half the cost of the Iraq war”.

In Australia, Enviromission says that it will "lobby the Australian Federal Government for comparable incentives to those available to renewable energy developers in global markets".