Following shortly after the CSIRO’s research showing rural community support for wind farms, Pacific Hydro has released the results of a survey of community attitudes to wind energy.

Pacific Hydro commissoned an independant research company, Qdos, to survey people in communities in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales where wind farms are operating or proposed.

When asked what options they would support for new electricity generating facilities, 83% said that they would support wind farms; 58% said that they would support gas fired power plants and only 27% would support coal-fired power plants. If they could only choose one option, 69% would choose wind, 25% gas and 6% coal.

15% of respondents were concerned that wind farms might cause health problems and 41% thought that they might cause noise problems for people living nearby. But the main concern (53%) was that wind farms might reduce the value of nearby properties.

Despite the strong community support for wind, the Victorian and New South Wales Premiers, Ted Baillieu and Barry O’Farrell, continue to try to impose anti-wind and pro-coal policies (see “World’s Toughest” Rules Proposed for NSW Wind Turbines). To quote Barry O’Farrell ”We haven’t approved any applications (for wind farms) and if I had my way we wouldn’t.”

Not "1984", just Barry O’Farrell (fantasing?) (Image from CeBIT Australia 2011 via Flickr)
Not “1984”, just Barry O’Farrell (fantasing?)
(Image from CeBIT Australia 2011 via Flickr)