Sydney Markets at Flemington is installing the largest purpose-built solar car park in Australia.

Autonomous Energy is adding 630 kilowatts of solar shading at the Flemington site, bringing the market’s total PV capacity to 911 kilowatts.

In early 2014, Autonomous Energy replaced the market’s old 1970’s carports with purpose built carport structures, integrating 170 kilowatts of Kyocera solar panels as the roof, and providing undercover parking for 71 cars and trucks.

Last year, Phase Two of the project added another 100 kilowatt solar array at the entrance to ‘Building D’ which houses the famous Paddy’s Markets.

In the third phase of the project, PV panels will be installed on the top floor of a new multi-storey carpark which is currently under construction.

The Solar Car Park Shading structures for this project are based on a proprietary German technology, manufactured by the solar mounting equipment manufacturer, Schletter. The structures were custom designed and engineered for the special requirements of Sydney Markets which required them to be high enough for trucks to park underneath.

The Sydney Markets system features a solar data monitoring program which is open for the public to view.