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Articles about algae

Biofuel from Power Plant Emissions

Posted by Peter, on July 4, 2013

Algae Tec has signed an agreement with Macquarie Generation, which is owned by the New South Wales Government, to site a $150 million algae carbon capture and biofuel production facility alongside the Bayswater coal-fired power plant. The Bayswater power station in the Hunter Valley uses around 7.5 million tonnes of coal per year to deliver […]  Continue reading »

$10 billion Potential for Aussie Algae Farms

Posted by Peter, on June 24, 2013

A report by Future Directions International,  a Western Australian think tank, says algae farming has the potential to generate $50 billion a year and create up to 50,000 new jobs across Australia. Future Directions International says the west coast is ideally suited to build a biofuel industry from algae because of its abundant sunshine, innovative […]  Continue reading »

$4.4 million Grant for Biofuel Facility

Posted by Peter, on March 4, 2013

Resources and Energy Minister, Martin Ferguson, has announced a $4.4 million grant for the establishment of a demonstration plant for the production of biofuel from naturally occurring marine microalgae. The plant is to be established at Whyalla by the Adelaide company Muradel which claims that its state-of-the-art technology will produce the most sustainable and energy […]  Continue reading »

$100 million Deal for Aussie Algae Company

Posted by Peter, on June 15, 2012

The Australian company, Advanced Algal Technologies, has signed a $us100 million joint venture agreement with China’s Fuzhou Xiangli Enterprise Management Consulting to use Advanced Algal’s patented conveyor system of algae farming. The company’s algae cultivation process will be used to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions in manufacturing plants in China. The agreement  provides a license […]  Continue reading »

Qantas To Explore Biofuel Production

Posted by Peter, on February 12, 2011

Californian renewable oils and bioproducts company, Solazyme Inc, has announced that it has begun a collaboration with Qantas to explore the potential for the commercial production of Solazyme’s microbial derived aviation fuel, Solajet, in Australia. Solazyme’s technology allows algae to produce oil and biomaterials in standard fermentation facilities. Qantas Chief Executive Officer, Alan Joyce, said […]  Continue reading »

Oil from Algae To Be Produced at Aussie Power Plants

Posted by Peter, on December 10, 2010

Australian energy company MBD Energy and American OriginOil Inc have announced the successful completion of a commercial pilot project for carbon sequestration and large-scale algae biofuel manufacturing in Australia. CO2, given off as a byproduct of MBD Energy’s coal-fired power plants, is captured by micro-algae which use it to reproduce, creating more algae, which can […]  Continue reading »

Progress on Energy from Algae

Posted by Peter, on May 6, 2008

Scientists at Innoventures Canada (I-CAN) have reported significant progress towards creating a system that would convert carbon dioxide diverted from industrial facilities into valuable products using Earth’s oldest plant life – micro-algae. I-CAN is a not-for-profit consortium of ten Canadian research corporations who have joined together for key strategic projects. Its CARS project – Carbon […]  Continue reading »

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