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Articles about biotechnology

Diesel from Sewage Pilot Plant for Gladstone

Posted by Peter, on September 3, 2018

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has announced that it will provide up to $4 million towards an $11.8 million pilot project by Southern Oil Refining to turn biosolids from sewage into crude oil.  Continue reading »

Five Biofuel Projects Completed

Posted by Peter, on July 4, 2013

The results of five projects aimed at developing ways of producing “plentiful and affordable” biofuels in Australia have been announced: Curtin University of Technology, in partnership with CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems and the Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation, has developed a new technology that combines pyrolysis of mallee crops and refinery of the resulting […]  Continue reading »

WA Company Develops Green Waste Solution

Posted by Peter, on February 19, 2013

A Western Australian company, AnaeCo Ltd, has developed a technology which it says is capable of reducing organic household waste destined for landfills by 90%. AnaeCo's "DiCOM™" technology combines two processes to break down common organic household waste – one which uses bacteria requiring oxygen, and one which uses bacteria that can‟t function if oxygen […]  Continue reading »

$100 million Deal for Aussie Algae Company

Posted by Peter, on June 15, 2012

The Australian company, Advanced Algal Technologies, has signed a $us100 million joint venture agreement with China’s Fuzhou Xiangli Enterprise Management Consulting to use Advanced Algal’s patented conveyor system of algae farming. The company’s algae cultivation process will be used to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions in manufacturing plants in China. The agreement  provides a license […]  Continue reading »

Fuel from Poppies and Sawdust

Posted by Peter, on January 9, 2012

Two Australian companies have commenced producing biofuel from "second generation" waste products. Licella Pty Ltd has opened a commercial biofuels demonstration facility at Somersby, near Gosford, New South Wales. The plant will produce bio-crude oil that has the potential to be refined into low-emission petrol, diesel and jet fuel. It will operate using Licella’s catalytic […]  Continue reading »

Algae Farming Trials in Queensland and W.A.

Posted by Peter, on January 6, 2012

Two companies in Australia are conducting large-scale trials using algae to capture carbon dioxide and produce commercial products. MBD Energy is trialling a technology developed by James Cook University to capture emissions from a coal-fired power station and pump them into water to grow algae. Because of the high concentration of CO2, the algae doubles […]  Continue reading »

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