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Articles about carbon capture

RMIT Team Turns CO2 “Back into Coal”

Posted by Peter, on March 13, 2019

A research team led by RMIT University in Melbourne has developed a new technique which they say efficiently converts carbon dioxide from a gas into solid particles of carbon.  Continue reading »

Kiwi Biotech to Make Fuel from Steel Mill’s Waste CO

Posted by Peter, on July 21, 2015

Biotechnology developed in New Zealand by LanzaTech is to be installed at ArcelorMittal’s steel mill in Ghent, Belgium, to capture carbon monoxide and convert it into ethanol. The technology uses a customised Clostridium microbe, originally found in a rabbit’s gut, to convert the carbon monoxide. Approximately 50% of the carbon used in the chemistry of […]  Continue reading »

Carbon Capture Plant for Adelaide

Posted by Peter, on June 7, 2015

The French company Air Liquide has announced that it will develop Australia’s first commercial carbon capture plant at the Torrens Island Power Station in Adelaide’s north-west. The multimillion dollar plant is expected capture up to 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year which would have the same impact as taking 16,000 cars off the road. […]  Continue reading »

Pilot Plant to Turn CO2 into Bricks

Posted by Peter, on August 28, 2013

Mineral Carbonation International Pty Ltd is to establish a research pilot plant at the University of Newcastle to trial world-first technology that turns carbon emissions into bricks and pavers for the construction industry. Chemical giant Orica, the Commonwealth and the State Governments will each provide Mineral Carbonation International with funding of $3.04 million over 4 […]  Continue reading »

Biofuel from Power Plant Emissions

Posted by Peter, on July 4, 2013

Algae Tec has signed an agreement with Macquarie Generation, which is owned by the New South Wales Government, to site a $150 million algae carbon capture and biofuel production facility alongside the Bayswater coal-fired power plant. The Bayswater power station in the Hunter Valley uses around 7.5 million tonnes of coal per year to deliver […]  Continue reading »

Aussie Scientists Find New Material to Capture CO2

Posted by Peter, on February 13, 2013

Monash University and CSIRO scientists have created a powerful and cost-effective new tool to capture, store and potentially recycle, carbon dioxide using a novel class of materials called photosensitive metal organic frameworks. Metal organic frameworks are clusters of metal atoms connected by organic molecules. Due to their extremely high internal surface area, they can store […]  Continue reading »

CO2 Capture Begins at Queensland Power Plant

Posted by Peter, on December 17, 2012

Australia's first carbon dioxide capture facilty at an opererational coal-fired power plant has opened at CS Energy's Callide A power station at Biloela in central Queensland. The project, which is backed by the Japanese government, uses an oxyfuel combustion process, which burns coal with pure oxygen for less waste; then traps and stores the greenhouse […]  Continue reading »

Aussie Scientists Invent New Carbon Capture Material

Posted by Peter, on November 14, 2012

A team of researchers, led by Professor Paul Webley, at the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies, based at the University of Melbourne, have developed a novel method of capturing carbon dioxide that reduces the cost of separating and storing the gas. The team has developed a new type of molecular sieve that allows […]  Continue reading »

CSIRO: Carbon Capture Possible But Adds 30% to Cost

Posted by Peter, on April 18, 2012

The CSIRO has released a report on carbon capture technology following a four year $21 million research program aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from Australian coal-fired power stations funded through the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate and a grant from the Department of Resource, Energy and Tourism. The report confirms that post-combustion […]  Continue reading »

“Clean Coal Unviable” but Govt to Invest $100 million

Posted by Peter, on February 15, 2012

In an interview with the ABC, National Low Emissions Coal Council Chairman, Dick Wells, said that even the introduction of a carbon price will not entice the coal industry to invest the billions required for clean-coal plants because it makes no financial sense. The National Low Emissions Coal Council estimates that between $10 billion and […]  Continue reading »

$4bn “Clean Coal” Project in Liquidation

Posted by Peter, on October 28, 2011

The ZeroGen project, which was to build a coal fired power station near Rockhampton using carbon capture technology, has gone into liquidation. The company, which had proposed a "world-first" $4 billion clean coal power plant storing carbon emissions underground, is under external administration and a liquidator has been appointed. The Queensland Government, which originally owned […]  Continue reading »

Site Chosen for Western Australian CO2 Storage

Posted by Peter, on February 12, 2011

The Collie open-cut mine near Bunbury in Western Australia has been chosen as the site for the state’s first on-shore carbon capture and storage facility. The Collie Hub would capture six million tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted from industry in the South West each year and store it underground. Project co-ordinator, Dominique Van Gent, says […]  Continue reading »

Cost Blowout Halts Queensland “Clean Coal” Pilot

Posted by Peter, on December 20, 2010

A massive blowout in the estimated cost of the project has forced the Queensland government to scrap a prototype “clean coal” power plant that was to be in production by 2015. It was hoped that the ZeroGen project in central Queensland would be the world’s first coal-fired power station designed to incorporate carbon capture and […]  Continue reading »

Australia Doubles Support for Indonesian Forest Scheme

Posted by Peter, on December 10, 2010

Australia will provide an additional $45 million, doubling its funding for Indonesia’s efforts to slash its greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation. Announcing the increased funding, Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, said that “Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation — which accounts for 18 percent of global emissions and more than 60 percent of Indonesia’s total […]  Continue reading »

Aussie Scientists Develop Carbon Capture Sponge

Posted by Peter, on September 14, 2010

A team of researchers at the University of Sydney, led by Dr Deanna D'Alessandro, has developed crystals full of microscopic holes that can capture gases like carbon dioxide. Visit our sister site, GreenBiz Cafe, for more details of the invention. Dr D'Alessandro, who was recently awarded a L'Oreal Australia For Women in Science Fellowship, describes her […]  Continue reading »

Soil Improvement from Tractor Exhaust

Posted by Peter, on November 1, 2009

A Canadian farmer, Gary Lewis, has developed a system that pipes tractor exhaust emissions through a condenser and into the pneumatic system of air seeders, which then injects the carbon and nitrogen-rich emissions into the ground along with the seed. The exhaust gases stimulate microbial activity and root growth, allowing the plants to more efficiently […]  Continue reading »

Queensland Approves Coal Power Station

Posted by Peter, on September 11, 2009

The Queensland Government has approved the construction of a 900 megawatt "clean" coal-fired powerstation in the Galilee Basin. The power station is to be built by Galilee Power which is owned by Waratah Coal Pty Limited. Waratah Coal announced Australia’s largest thermal coal mine and infrastructure project, worth $7.5 billion, earlier this year. Waratah Coal […]  Continue reading »

Queensland Climate Strategy Targets Coal Power Stations

Posted by Peter, on August 21, 2009

Queensland;s Premier, Anna Bligh, has released the government’s new climate change strategy, “ClimateQ: Towards a Greener Queensland”. The major initiative is that no new coal-fired power stations will be built in Queensland unless they use world’s best emissions technology and are able to capture and store carbon and must do so within five years of […]  Continue reading »

Origin Energy Undertaking Australia’s Largest Tree Planting

Posted by Peter, on July 17, 2009

Origin Energy has contracted Carbon Consious Ltd to plant more than six million trees over the coming three years in what the companies believe is the largest carbon pollution reduction bio-sequestration project in Australia to date. Carbon Conscious will plant native mallee eucalypt trees in wheat-belt regions for the purpose of generating carbon permits tradeable […]  Continue reading »

Australian Government to Fund Biochar Research

Posted by Peter, on May 21, 2009

The Australian Government has announced $1.4 million in funding for research into  biochar – a form of charcoal that can store carbon in the soil for an average of 5,000 years. The three-year programme, to be co-ordinated by the CSIRO, will be one of the largest such investigations in the world. Agriculture Minister Tony Burke, […]  Continue reading »

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