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$4bn “Clean Coal” Project in Liquidation

Posted by Peter, on October 28, 2011

The ZeroGen project, which was to build a coal fired power station near Rockhampton using carbon capture technology, has gone into liquidation. The company, which had proposed a "world-first" $4 billion clean coal power plant storing carbon emissions underground, is under external administration and a liquidator has been appointed. The Queensland Government, which originally owned […]  Continue reading »

World’s Largest Coal Seam Found in the Northern Territory

Posted by Peter, on June 29, 2011

Central Petroleum Limited says that a coal field that it discovered in the Simpson Desert could be the biggest in the world. The coal seam, about 300 kilometres from Alice Springs, stretches for 400 kilomrtres. The company is not proposing to mine the coal but to gasify it underground and then turn the gas into […]  Continue reading »

Climate Programs to Be Cut

Posted by Peter, on January 27, 2011

The Australian Government is to cut several programs aimed at reducing climate change in order to release funding to repair the damage caused by floods which may well be the result of inadequate programs to reduce climate change. Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that “We will cut some spending programs and cap some others. I […]  Continue reading »

Cost Blowout Halts Queensland “Clean Coal” Pilot

Posted by Peter, on December 20, 2010

A massive blowout in the estimated cost of the project has forced the Queensland government to scrap a prototype “clean coal” power plant that was to be in production by 2015. It was hoped that the ZeroGen project in central Queensland would be the world’s first coal-fired power station designed to incorporate carbon capture and […]  Continue reading »

Australia Needs Up To $130 billion Electricity Invstment by 2030

Posted by Peter, on December 17, 2010

Launching the inaugural National Transmission Network Development Plan, Resources, Energy Minister, Martin Ferguson, said that "we’ll need to invest between $40 and $130 billion in generation and transmission investments by 2030 to continue to meet the expectations of consumers." The Transmission Plan, developed by the Australian Energy Market Operator, envisages that the bulk of new […]  Continue reading »

South Australia to Effectively Ban Coal-Fired Power

Posted by Peter, on December 7, 2010

South Australian Premier, Mike Rann, has announced plans to set carbon emissions limits for new electricity production in South Australia so strict that it will effectively prevent the construction of new coal-fired power plants in the State. MR Rann said that the limit will be introduced as a transitional measure pending the introduction of a […]  Continue reading »

Greenpeace: Banks Display “Spin over Substance”

Posted by Peter, on October 4, 2010

Greenpeace has released a report showing that the big Australian banks provided loans worth $5.5 billion to the coal industry over the past five years – seven times more than the $784 million lent to the renewable energy sector. ANZ was recently ranked "the world’s most sustainable bank" but it was the biggest financier to […]  Continue reading »

Government Considering Phase Down of Australia’s Dirtiest Power Station

Posted by Peter, on July 11, 2010

Thw Age has reported that the Victorian Government is considering closing two of the Hazelwood power station’s eight power units. The La Trobe Valley power plant produces almost a quarter of Victoria’s electricity from brown coal and is regarded as Australia’s dirtiest power plant – some environmental groups claim that it is the dirtiest power […]  Continue reading »

Environmental Cost of Coal

Posted by Peter, on October 20, 2009

A report by the US National Academy of Sciences shows that US coal-fired power plants do over $US62 billion ($au67 billion) in “hidden costs” through environmental damage every year. These include damage done to crop and timber yields, to buildings and materials, to human health and damage done to recreational activities and through reduced outdoor […]  Continue reading »

Queensland Approves Coal Power Station

Posted by Peter, on September 11, 2009

The Queensland Government has approved the construction of a 900 megawatt "clean" coal-fired powerstation in the Galilee Basin. The power station is to be built by Galilee Power which is owned by Waratah Coal Pty Limited. Waratah Coal announced Australia’s largest thermal coal mine and infrastructure project, worth $7.5 billion, earlier this year. Waratah Coal […]  Continue reading »

AGL to Spend $6 billion on Renewables

Posted by Peter, on August 25, 2009

AGL Energy says that it will develop $6 to $7 billion in renewable energy projects in Australia over the next decade following the passage of the renewable energy target legislation. AGL Energy’s chief executive, Michael Fraser, said that the passage of the legislation was very significant for his company and the industry. He said that […]  Continue reading »

Queensland Climate Strategy Targets Coal Power Stations

Posted by Peter, on August 21, 2009

Queensland;s Premier, Anna Bligh, has released the government’s new climate change strategy, “ClimateQ: Towards a Greener Queensland”. The major initiative is that no new coal-fired power stations will be built in Queensland unless they use world’s best emissions technology and are able to capture and store carbon and must do so within five years of […]  Continue reading »

Budget Funds for Renewable Energy Projects

Posted by Peter, on May 13, 2009

Australia’s 2009-10 Federal Budget has added $4.8 billion dollars to funds earmarked for projects related to climate change and carbon emission reduction – bringing its total commitment to $15 billion. Just a year ago, after the 2008-09 Budget, the total funding was just $2.3 billion, almost entirely allocated to "clean coal". From the new funds, […]  Continue reading »

“True Cost of Coal” Report

Posted by Peter, on December 1, 2008

The Dutch research institute, CE Delft, has conducted an analysis of the “external” costs of using coal. The report was commissioned by Greenpeace. The study evaluated those aspects of climate change, health impacts of air pollution and fatalities and injuries from major mining accidents for which reliable global data is available. CE Delft arrived at […]  Continue reading »

First Aussie Power Station CO2 Capture

Posted by Peter, on July 11, 2008

Carbon dioxide has been captured from power station flue gases in a post-combustion-capture (PCC) pilot plant at Loy Yang Power Station in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. This is the first time CO2 has been caputured using the PPC process at a power plant in the Southern Hemisphere. According to CSIRO Energy Technology Chief, Dr David Brockway, […]  Continue reading »

Clean Coal Bill Launched as Industry’s Plans Sink

Posted by Peter, on May 28, 2008

The Federal Government has quietly launched its draft bill  to regulate the burial of carbon dioxide off Australia coast just days after BP and Rio Tinto have confirmed that  they have abandoned a $2 billion project to trial the burial of carbon dioxide off Western Australia. The joint project was to involve the construction of […]  Continue reading »

2020 Summit Aims for Sustainabilty but Disagrees on Coal

Posted by Peter, on April 21, 2008

At the Australia 2020 Summit in Canberra yesterday, the Population, Sustainability and Climate Stream proposed that, by 2020, Australia should “be making a major contribution to a comprehensive global response to climate change, including working with our partners on clean energy”. The Stream agreed that there should be a national sustainable cities program supported by […]  Continue reading »

Australia and China’s Joint Initiatives on Climate Change

Posted by Peter, on April 12, 2008

Australia and China have agreed to a range of initiatives ot accelerate their co-operation on climate change. The initiatives were announced by Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, after a meeting with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.  The initiatives include a joint feasibility study into developing the world’s largest solar city in north-east China, water quality monitoring […]  Continue reading »

First Australian Carbon Storage Facilty Launched

Posted by Peter, on April 2, 2008

The first large-scale underground carbon storage facility in the Southern Hemisphere is being launched today by the Federal resources and Energy Minister, Martin Ferguson. The project, near Warnambool in Southern Victoria will capture and compress 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into liquid form and inject it two kilometres underground in a depleted natural gas reservoir. […]  Continue reading »

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