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Articles about geothermal

Funding for Australian Hot Rock Projects

Posted by Peter, on November 7, 2009

Two “hot rock” geothermal projects are to receive Australian Government funding. Geodynamics Ltd was awarded $90 million to be staged over the development period of its geothermal energy project in South Australia’s Cooper Basin. The final payment will be made upon commissioning of a 25 megawatt power plant, expected to be achieved in 2013. Geodynamics […]  Continue reading »

Origin Energy Buys into Geothermal Prospects

Posted by Peter, on September 28, 2009

Origin Energy has agreed to buy a 70% interest in the geothermal licence held by Eden Energy for an area of South Australia’s Cooper Basin. The licence covers an area of 1,280 square kilometres adjacent to the area being developed by Geodynamics for the production of electricity from hot rocks. Eden Energy intends to harness […]  Continue reading »

Commercially Attractive Geothermal Site in South Australia

Posted by Peter, on August 24, 2009

Panax Geothermal has completed a study that shows the cost of power from a geothermal energy plant at its Penola site would be comparable to wind energy. Penola is in the south-east corner of South Australia near Mount Gambier. Although there are no surface signs of geothermal activity, such as mud pools, hot springs or geysers, […]  Continue reading »

Geothermal Project for Hunter Valley

Posted by Peter, on December 2, 2008

The NSW Government has given a $10 million grant for the development of a commercial geothermal project in the Hunter Valley to Geodynamics Limited. Geodynamics is currently developing a power generation plant using energy from underground hot rocks in the Cooper Basin in South Australia. In a joint venture with Origin Energy, the South Australian […]  Continue reading »

Indian Company Acquires Part of Geodynamics

Posted by Peter, on September 5, 2008

Tata Power has announced that it will acquire an 11.4 per cent stake in Geodynamics Ltd, the Australian company specialising in geothermal energy. Geodynamics has been working for years to prove the commercial viability of extracting heat for power from granite deep underground near Innamincka in South Australia. Tata Power is India’s largest privately owned […]  Continue reading »

Australia’s $50million for Geothermal Drilling

Posted by Peter, on August 20, 2008

The Australian Government today announced that it will provide $50 million to the geothermal industry to help it begin making the technology viable for baseload energy production. The Australian Government’s Geoscience Australia organization has mapped the nation’s geothermal energy, using temperature recordings from decades of drilling by energy and exploration firms, sometimes to a depth […]  Continue reading »

Study: 40% of Australia’s Energy Could Be Geothermal

Posted by Peter, on August 20, 2008

A study by economic modeling firm McLennan Magasanik Associates has concluded that as much as 40 percent of the Australia’s 2020 target for renewable energy could be obtained from enhanced geothermal resources. The study found that the cost of generating energy from geothermal sources is expected to decline to become the cheapest form of renewable […]  Continue reading »

Major Geothermal Find in Tasmania

Posted by Peter, on June 21, 2008

A Tasmanian company, KUTh Energy, has announced it has found an area of the state with as much geothermal activity as the Cooper Basin in South Australia. The Company, which has been testing for hot rocks below land in Tasmania’s north-east, has told the stock market it has found an area of heat flow around […]  Continue reading »

New Geothermal Power Station

Posted by Peter, on April 4, 2008

The 550 members of a small Ngati Tahu-owned trust have entered into a 25:75 joint venture with Mighty River Power to build a $450 million 132MW power station using the Rotokawa geothermal field near Taupo in New Zealand. Ten years ago the Trust, which was then focused on farming had $64,000 in the bank. Since […]  Continue reading »

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