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From 30 June 2019, this web site is no longer being updated.
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Articles about greenhouse

Australia’s Top Greenhouse Gas Emitters

Posted by Peter, on October 22, 2010

According to data published by the Commonwealth Government*, these were  Australia's top greenhouse gas emitters (in tonnes of cabon dioxide equivalent) in 2008-09. Nine out of the top ten operate coal-fired power stations and five of the top ten are owned by State governments. Macquarie Generation: 25,290,141 t CO2-e owned by the NSW Government, operates […]  Continue reading »

Nicholas Stern: Australia’s Carbon Policy Has Big International Implications

Posted by Peter, on June 12, 2009

In an interview on the SBS Dateline programme, UK economist Lord Nicholas Stern, said that there are “very big international implications” in what carbon policy Austrlalia adopts. Lord Stern pointed out that Australians emit “over 20 tonnes of CO2-equivalent per capita, compared with Europe with around 10, 11 or 12, China around 5, India below […]  Continue reading »

Emissions Target as Low as 5% by 2020

Posted by Peter, on December 15, 2008

Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has announced a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as little as 5 percent by the year 2020 – far less than the 25 percent cut sought be environmentalists. The White Paper released today says that Australia will cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 5% of 2000 levels by […]  Continue reading »

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