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Articles about hot rock

Hot Rock Geothermal Plant Ahead of Expectations

Posted by Peter, on July 24, 2013

Australian geothermal energy developer Geodynamics has announced that its 1 megawatt pilot plant, near Innamincka, is operating ahead of expectations. The plant is getting energy from hot rocks at 4.2 kilometres below the surface, the deepest lying geothermal resources ever exploited. Only two other sites, one at Soulz in France and the other at Landau […]  Continue reading »

Victoria’s Huge Geothermal Potential

Posted by Peter, on May 18, 2010

Current “hot rock” geothermal projects rely on heat produced by uranium decaying in granite formations. Now a team of geophysicists at the University of Melbourne is proposing a different approach which, they say, has huge potential for power generation in Victoria. In some places, mineral formations form an insulating blanket which traps a layer of […]  Continue reading »

Funding for Australian Hot Rock Projects

Posted by Peter, on November 7, 2009

Two “hot rock” geothermal projects are to receive Australian Government funding. Geodynamics Ltd was awarded $90 million to be staged over the development period of its geothermal energy project in South Australia’s Cooper Basin. The final payment will be made upon commissioning of a 25 megawatt power plant, expected to be achieved in 2013. Geodynamics […]  Continue reading »

Major Geothermal Find in Tasmania

Posted by Peter, on June 21, 2008

A Tasmanian company, KUTh Energy, has announced it has found an area of the state with as much geothermal activity as the Cooper Basin in South Australia. The Company, which has been testing for hot rocks below land in Tasmania’s north-east, has told the stock market it has found an area of heat flow around […]  Continue reading »

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