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Articles about solar pv

CSIRO’s Printable Solar Cells Nearing Market

Posted by Peter, on September 11, 2014

CSIRO scientists have announced that they are one step closer to making available a cheaper and faster way to print solar cells onto plastic. Senior Research Scientist Dr Fiona Scholes said the technology was almost at the commercialisation stage and could be used to power everything from laptops to rooftops. “We print them onto plastic […]  Continue reading »

Singing Bowls Inspire More Efficient Solar Cells

Posted by Peter, on September 10, 2014

Dr Niraj Lal, a researcher from Australia National University has used the shape of Buddhist singing bowls as the inspiration for a more efficient type of solar cells. Just as the bowls cause sound to resonate, nano-scale versions can be made to interact with light in much the same way. Current standard solar cells lose […]  Continue reading »

ACT Opens Largest Aussie Solar Farm & Approves Another

Posted by Peter, on September 5, 2014

Australia’s largest solar farm has been officially opened at Royalla, 17 kilometres south of Canberra. The 20 megawatt Royalla Solar Farm was developed by the Spanish company, Fotowatio Renewable Ventures, and is made up of 83,000 solar panels. It is expected to generate an average 37,000 megawatt hours of electricity a year. The Royalla solar […]  Continue reading »

$21.5 million for Solar & Storage Research

Posted by Peter, on September 1, 2014

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has granted funding for 12 solar and energy storage projects from a field of 110 applicants.  Together with ARENA’s investment of $21.5 million, contributions by Australian and international partners, will bring the total investment in the projects to $70 million. The projects include: development an innovative tandem solar cell […]  Continue reading »

Redeployable Solar-Hybrid Plant to Go Ahead

Posted by Peter, on August 14, 2014

The multinational construction company Laing O’Rourke is to go ahead with the construction of the world’s first fully redeployable large-scale solar-diesel hybrid power plan. The 1 MW solar-hybrid facility,  at Laing O’Rourke’s 350-bed Combabula accommodation village in regional Queensland, will consist of container-sized modules, including a control centre and inverters with external, pre-wired connections.  It […]  Continue reading »

6.7 MW Solar Project for Weipa Mine

Posted by Peter, on May 22, 2014

First Solar and Ingenero have signed an agreement to provide solar power to Rio Tinto’s Weipa bauxite mine in Queensland. First Solar will supply thin-film solar modules to be installed by Ingerero. The first phase of the project will generate 1.7 megawatts of electricity – enough to supply up to 20% of the daytime demand. […]  Continue reading »

IKEA to Install 3.6MW of Solar Panels

Posted by Peter, on May 16, 2014

Canadian Solar Inc.has announced a partnership with IKEA Australia to install solar panels with a total capacity of 3.6 megawatts across seven stores and warehouses located in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. The project, which will involve the installation of some 16,000 solar panels, will begin in April at the company’s Logan, Queensland, store […]  Continue reading »

Enquiry Launched into Chinese Solar Panel Dumping

Posted by Peter, on May 14, 2014

Australia’s Anti-Dumping Commission is to begin an investigation into  whether the Chinese manufacturers of photovoltaic panels have been selling product at less than the cost of manufacture or at unprofitable export prices. In late 2012, U.S. authorities imposed duties averaging about 31% on Chinese-made solar panels exported to the U.S. in order to protect American […]  Continue reading »

Floating Solar Power Plant for South Australia

Posted by Peter, on May 12, 2014

Geits ANZ is proposing to build a solar power plant which would float on a wastewater treatment basin near Jamestown in mid-north South Australia. The system would be constructed from a high-density polyethylene pipe, which provides the buoyancy, with a structural steel pontoon sitting on that and PV panels slotted into the structure. The solar […]  Continue reading »

ANU Develops 24.4% Efficient Solar Cell

Posted by Peter, on March 6, 2014

Researchers from the Australian National University and Trina Solar Limited have jointly developed a new high-efficiency solar cell. The laboratory-scale Interdigitated Back Contact cell was developed at the Australian National University Centre for Sustainable Energy System. The solar cell was independently tested by the Fraunhofer CalLab in Germany as being able to deliver an efficiency of […]  Continue reading »

Aussie Renewables Are Cheaper Than Coal or Gas

Posted by Peter, on March 4, 2014

A study produced by Bloomberg New Energy Finance has found that wind energy in Australia is 14% cheaper than new coal and 18% cheaper than new gas. The analysts expect that large-scale solar photovoltaic will be cheaper than coal by 2020 and that solar thermal will be cheaper than coal by 2030. Since 2011, the […]  Continue reading »

Funding Agreed for Solar Flagships Project

Posted by Peter, on July 31, 2013

The Australian Government has announced final agreement with AGL on plans to build a $450 million solar power station in far western New South Wales. The project will be built across two sites in Nyngan and Broken Hill in the State's west. The Federal Government's Australian Renewable Energy Agency will provide $166.7 million and the […]  Continue reading »

Dyesol Achieves New Record Efficiency

Posted by Peter, on July 15, 2013

Australia's Dysol Limited has announced that it has achieved a new world efficiency record of 15% for dye solar cells with a level of 14.1% having been externally validated. Since dye sensitised solar cells do not need perfect sunlight conditions to effectively produce energy, this level of efficiency. is considered extremely competitive with conventional solar […]  Continue reading »

Mildura Solar Concentrator Plant Begins Operation

Posted by Peter, on June 25, 2013

Solar Systems Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of Silex Systems) has completed Australia’s largest concentrating photovoltaic project with 40 of its dishes now feeding power into the national grid. The 1.5 megawatt plant is intended to demonstrate the reliability of the technology and to allow its commercialization in order to expand the site to 100 megawatts. […]  Continue reading »

NZ Electricity Co Offers Solar PV with Battery

Posted by Peter, on June 14, 2013

Vector Limited, the largest electricity and gas distribution company in New Zealand, is offerring a "home solar power solution", incorporating intelligent battery storage into a traditional solar PV system. In the introductory phase of the programme, a limited number of installations will be available in the Auckland region. The system consists of solar panels, a […]  Continue reading »

Ausgrid Disposing of Renewables Assets

Posted by Peter, on June 3, 2013

New South Wales State-owned electricity distributor is disposing of its renewable energy generating plants. Ausgrid’s 600 kilowattwind turbine at Kooragang Island in Newcastle is being removed to make way for a coal loader. It was installed in 1997 and was originally planned as the first of several turbines to be installed along the Hunter River. […]  Continue reading »

Dysol Aiming to Print Storage with Solar Cells

Posted by Peter, on May 24, 2013

Australia's Dyesol Limited has acquired an equity stake in Printed Power Pte Ltd, a spinoff company of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Printed Power is focussing on integrating dye solar cell technology with printed storage and power management systems to create fully integrated combined energy generation and storage devices. Printed Power was founded in 2008 […]  Continue reading »

CSIRO Printer Makes 10m of Solar Cells a Minute

Posted by Peter, on May 16, 2013

CSIRO researchers have built a gigantic printer that spits out solar cells at a rate of about ten metres a minute. The printer system uses existing technology to embed polymer solar cells (also known as organic solar cells) in thin sheets of plastic. The A3-sized panels are created by laying a liquid photovoltaic ink onto […]  Continue reading »

Aussie Researchers Make Efficient Solar Cells from Low-grade Silicon

Posted by Peter, on May 8, 2013

Researchers at  the University of New South Wales have found a way to make very high efficiency solar cells out of cheap, low-grade silicon. It has been known for several decades that hydrogen atoms can be introduced into the atomic structure of silicon to help correct defects. But researchers have had limited success in controlling […]  Continue reading »

It’s All Happening in … Dubbo!

Posted by Peter, on April 12, 2013

Dubbo already has the most installed solar PV systems of any postcode in New South Wales. It as recently been proposed that Dubbo could leverage its high concentration of PV installations to become the "electric vehicle capital of Australia". In part, the proposal was based on a Tesla Roadster driving from Sydney to Dubbo on […]  Continue reading »

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