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Articles about waste management

Shoalhaven Recycling Facilty to Handle All Waste in One Process

Posted by Peter, on January 29, 2019

Shoalhaven City Council is to build a new waste processing facility that uses state-of-the-art technology to divert 90% of mixed waste from landfill. Everything that can be reused or recycled will be extracted in one process.

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Producing Cowra’s Electricty and Heat from Farm Waste

Posted by Peter, on April 24, 2017

A bioenergy project at Cowra, which takes the waste streams from the town and a group of farms and turn them into electricity and heat for local residents while making fertiliser from the residue, could be the first of its kind in Australia.  Continue reading »

Aussie Surfers Invention Could Help Clean Oceans

Posted by Peter, on January 26, 2016

West Australian surfers, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, have developed a unique ocean-cleaning technology, called “Seabin”, which has raised more than $300,000 in two months during a crowdfunding campaign.  Continue reading »

Sydney Plans City-wide Recycled Water

Posted by Peter, on January 15, 2011

A consortium has been selected by the City of Sydney to develop a decentralised water master plan which would include Australia’s first city-wide recycled water network and significantly reduce demands on drinking water supplies. The recycled water network would connect to apartment, commercial and institutional buildings which are responsible for 80% of the water consumption […]  Continue reading »

CSIRO Develops Greywater Testing Method

Posted by Peter, on January 18, 2009

The CSIRO’s Water for a Healthy Country Flagship and the Smart Water Fund have announced that they have developed a practical, robust, sustainable method for testing whether greywater treatment technologies meet Australian standards. Currently, there is no standard national testing method; states and territories each have their own legislation for greywater collection, treatment and use. […]  Continue reading »

First Aussie e-Waste Plant Opens

Posted by Peter, on November 20, 2008

Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, has opened Australia’s first automated e-waste recycling plant at Villawood, Sydney. Australians produce and estimated 140,000 tonnes of e-waste, including computers, TVs and mobile phones, each year. The new plant is capable of recycling 20,000 tonnes of that waste per annum. Currently Australians recycle only about 4% of their e-waste compared […]  Continue reading »

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