(In internet jargon, as well as old cowboy movies, a black hat indicates evil. "Black hat" hackers use their skills for evil whereas "white hat" hackers use their skills for good.)

Last October Gina Rinehart attended a garden party reception for the Queen and Prince Philip.

Mrs Rinehart, who is richest Australian ever and on her way to becoming the richest person in the world, has been busily sponsoring climate change deniers, such as "Lord" Monckton, and acquiring substantial interests in media companies like Channel 10 and now Fairfax – presumably to espouse her pro-mining, anti-climate, don’t-tax-the-rich views.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, at the garden party, Prince Philip asked Mrs Rinehart, who was wearing a very broad-brimmed black hat, why she was on the guest list. She replied that she was just a loyal subject. Becoming a little annoyed, the Prince asked her again. When Mrs Rinehart refused to give a straight answer, the Prince, presumably not realising the double meaning of his comment, responded that pehaps it was because she had the biggest black hat in Western Australia.