Hong Kong company, SIL Global, has announced­ plans to build a power station near Red Cliffs, just south of Mildura. Two other solar power stations are already planned, or under construction, near Mildura.

According to SIL Global, the new solar power station will use 800,000 rotating cones that will harvest up to 20 times as much solar energy as an equivalent area of flat-panel, photovoltaic­ arrays.

The company plans to use V3 Spin Cells which consist of two cones, one made up of hundreds of triangular PV cells and an outer static, hermetically-sealed outer lens concentrator made up of a series of interlocking rings and a number of tubular lenses spaced equally around the outside surface. V3 Solar says that the Spin Cell's cone captures the sun's light at more angles throughout the day and year than flat PV panels without the need for a tracking system.

SIL Global has bought an 8 ha site in a new industrial estate at Thurla near Mildura where V3 Solar plan to begin construction of a state-of-the-art, large-scale factory to manufacture and assemble its Spin Cells for the second stage of SIL Global’s solar power station.