John Brumby
John Brumby

Victorian Premier, John Brumby, has announced a $30 million funding boost to support the development of alternative energy technologies.

Mr Brumby said that “The funding will be available for parties interested in developing pilot-scale demonstration projects or research and development proposals for sustainable energy technologies in areas such as solar, wave, geothermal and bio-energy. The results delivered from these grants will help us produce and operate the technologies we need to make renewable energy sources commercially viable.”

The Premier also announced the establishment of an Office of Solar Energy which he said would would bring together under one umbrella the extensive work being done on solar energy in Victoria. 

Energy and Resources Minister, Peter Batchelor, also announced the appointment of a Medium Scale Solar Working Group, which will examine current barriers to investment and what additional measures are required to encourage the use of solar energy in Victoria.

The Working Group will be chaired by Tony Wood, Director of the Clean Energy Program of the William J Clinton Foundation, which was set up by former US President Bill Clinton to focus on worldwide issues such as climate change. Other members will include Ian Porter from the Alternative Technology Association, Mark Twidell from the Australian Solar Institute, Damon Moloney from the Green Buildings Council and Rod Menzies from the Clean Energy Council.