John Brumby

Victorian Premier, John Brumby, has launched Victoria’s Electric Vehicle Trial, in which more than 50 organisations and 180 households across the state will participate over a period of five years.

60 vehicles tp be used in the trial are being provided by Blade Electric Vehicles, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan and EDay Life. Public charging infrastructure will be supplied by Better Place, ECOtality and ChargePoint.

Most of the vehicles involved in the trial will be small passenger cars that will be placed into households as well as commercial and government fleets with some electric light commercial vehicles to be used in freight fleets. The vehicles will rotate between households and fleets for three months at a time, to look at their experiences and what type of charging infrastructure is needed.

The households to be involved will be selected via an application process on the RACV website ( every year until 2012.

As part of the trial, charging points will be installed in homes of participants and in workplaces. Public quick charging points will also be set up.

Electric two-wheelers will also be examined as well as some electric vehicle conversions.

Mr Brumby said that “The Electric Vehicle Trial will create real-life conditions by testing how drivers, vehicles, plug-in charging infrastructure and the electricity network will work in everyday situations. This is a real-world test of how these vehicles will operate in Victoria and that means we need Victorians to use electric vehicles and report back on their experiences.”