A development application for a $275 million wind farm at Paling Yards, near Oberon, has been lodged with the NSW Department of Planning.

Union Fenosa Wind Australia says another company lodged a similar application for the site five years ago but the infrastructure to connect to the power grid was not available then. The company’s engineering manager, Shaq Mohajerani, says it is hoping that a new substation at Crookwell will eneble it to link the wind turbines to the grid. He said that the consultation and assessment processes for the project, as well as the additional substation, are well underway.

The new substation will also accomodate expansion of the Crookwell Wind Farm. Currently, eight turbines generating 600 kilowatts are operating at Crookwell. Phase 2, which is now under construction by Union Fenosa, will have a capacity of 92 megawatts and cost $238 million. Phase is now being planned.